The Team at Highline Fish Co

This is our fishing team for the 2016 season.

Our Fishing Fleet - the Christina B

This is our fishing fleet, the Sean Todd and the Christina B. Sean Todd is our fishing vessel and Christina B is our prawning boat.

​Meet Zeke

From a young age, Zeke Pellegrin knew fishing was in his blood. He’s passionate about the sea, the quality seafood he brings to shore, and the company he’s built.

Zeke started with one boat and a dream, building Highline Fish Co. to two boats and counting. And after 21 years at sea, he’s built a team he’s proud to fish with and a loyal base of customers. A proud North Islander, Zeke grew up in Campbell River, BC. And while he’s enjoyed plenty of seafood during his extensive travels to Europe, Asia and beyond, he and many others believe British Columbia boasts the world’s finest.

​Meet Angy

Angelika Pellegrin met Zeke in 2007. She was a sales manager in Austria with a 3-year diploma in sales from Graz, Austria. In 2011, Angy made the move to Canada and started spending time on the boat. She’s learned a lot about fishing over the years and looks forward to delivering fresh, local fish to you.

Meet Silas

Silas Levesque got his Fishing Master Ticket (Skipper) in 2014. He’s been fishing with us since 2012 and feels like part of the family. We’re so happy to get the opportunity to work with such a great guy. Fishing is in Silas’s blood and he’s found his passion in fishing.

Zeke Pellegrin, Owner, Highline Fishing

Angelika Pellegrin, Owner, Highline Fishing Silas Levesque, Fisher, Highline Fishing

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