Highline Fish Co


New Fishing Vessel

We've got some exciting news here at Highline. We've just taken possession of a new boat, the Genesta. It replaces our prawn boat. We can't wait to fish it!

2017 Spring Contest Winner

Another lucky Spring Contest winner is announced.

Royal Halibut

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited BC this year and we got to be a part of it!

Fish Safe Training Complete

At Highline we like to keep up to date with the latest safety standards...

2016 Spring Contest Winner

Our Spring Contest Winner Nets a Great Prize

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Our Fresh Fish, Prawns and Shrimp

Black Cod

Black Cod or (Sablefish) is renowned for its buttery flavour.


Chefs love Pacific halibut for its mild, sweet taste and firm texture, which adapts well to many types of cooking.

Ling Cod

The lingcod is a popular eating fish, and is thus prized by anglers.

Pacific Red Snapper

Yelloweye, or Pacific Red Snapper, is a delicious and healthy fish.


Spot prawns are the largest shrimp found in Canada's west coast waters.

Rock Cod

Delicate but flavourful fish, excellent baked, poached or sautéed.


The fish that made Campbell River famous. Salmon is a treat!


Sweet shrimp will leave you wanting more. It's like candy on salad!


Wild albacore tuna is not only delicious, it's rich in heart-smart omega-3 fatty acids.