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Prawns product photo. Taken fresh on a local BC fishing boat.

Spot prawns are the largest shrimp found in Canada's west coast waters. The prawn's body colour is usually reddish brown or tan with white horizontal bars on the carapace (shell) and distinctive white spots on the first and fifth abdominal segments.

The spot prawn is known for its sweet, delicate flavour and firm texture. It is very popular in the Japanese market for sashimi. The larger sizes are also great for the bbq.

*Photo credit: ddaarryynn

Our prawn tails come packed in frozen seawater to keep them super fresh.
Angy is sorting prawns on our prawn boat.

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Delicious Sambal Drunken Prawns are sure to please!

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Spot prawns are the largest shrimp found in Canada's west coast waters.

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